Besides pregnant women, there are more and more reservations.

U.N. Village is famous for many hot places these days!
In addition to cafes and restaurants with pleasant eyes and mouth,
Another one!There’s a place.
From the very outside, there’s a luxury.
It’s The Trinity’s Hannam branch.

The atmosphere inside was just as good as the outside.
I feel at ease from the light.
The atmosphere was like a hotel.
Control room, powder room, bathroom.
I liked all the interior facilities.

Pregnant massage can cause various discomfort during pregnancy.
He’s been taking care of it.
This will help you give birth to a baby without strain.
These days, as much as postpartum massage,
Prenatal care is also considered essential.

I heard about the one-time massage event for pregnant women.
I made a quick reservation and got it.
I’m more than I expected.
One-time experience, right there.
I’ve registered for a pre-natal program.
I’m doing pre-natal and postnatal events to celebrate Iso’s certification.
100,000 won off-the-shelf discount as well ^^
Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Haha

You can usually massage after 4 months of pregnancy.
From this point on, swelling starts in earnest.
I’ve got a ton of fat, and I’ve got a tummy.
It’s starting to change, like back pain.
Because these changes bother her until the end of the month.
Regular management is more helpful than one-time care.

It’s a very luxurious place.
I was wondering if it would be too much to pay for it’ve been too much.
There’s a lot of discount events every month.
The cost-effectiveness is very good.

We have pre-natal/postpartum care for pregnant women,
There’s a regular spa and skin & body programmes.
It’s like hot people’s attractions.
The program is professional and fine-grained.
I’m one of them, and I’m in charge of prenatal care
I got an additional scrub using Italian Marzia product as Edon.

Oh, and the Trinity School headquarters,
It’s officially certified as International ISO9001.
It’s the same thing that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established and implemented.
According to international standards on quality management system
The product, service structure provided to the customer meets the requirements set forth,
that it is maintained and maintained continuously by a third party certification authority.
It’s an objective assessment and certification system.

Because they’re recognized for their quality and service,
I had more faith. Haha
To commemorate certification, tickets for 10 pre-natal and postnatal regulars & 1 million won or more are available.
There’s an instant discount event for 100,000 won.
I couldn’t miss this rich offer without getting it.

I loved the room. One room per person.
It’s a private for comfort.
Even in times other than these days,
One room per person for hygiene. One bed per person.
Especially recently, disinfection and quarantine have been thorough,
Heat check and mandatory wearing of mask, etc.
I’m thoroughly prepared for the Corona situation.

I feel it every time I go, but it’s really pleasant.
I love spas, so even before I got married,
I’ve been to a lot of places,
From the atmosphere to the point of being within three fingers.
The quality of the program is perfect.

Giving her a bigger break while she’s getting a pregnant massage…
It’s hidden right in this bed.
It’s only used in hotels with five stars or higher than five stars.
It’s a Hungarian Goose bedding.
The tenderness of the body that’s lightly wrapped around it.
It’s so good that it’s hard to explain.
And a latex four-speed motion bed! This is amazing!
It’s hard to just lie still.
It’s a top-to-bottom adjustment, latex bed.
It was so good when I was managing my body.

Pregnant women’s massage can be used for months if their bellies are high.
Lying on the side, with a body pillow between her legs,
I can get it comfortably.

As you get heavier,
There’s also a part of the pain.
If you don’t manage this regularly,
It can get worse at birth or even after that.
It’s good to take care of it regularly like this.

The bed you lie on is a latex cushion.
I like it because it’s not very fluffy.
It’s a four-stage electric motor, and it’s controlled up and down.
You hardly need to move your body when you’re under care.

I’m a pregnant woman, and I’m gonna have to add Edon to the massage.
I’m gonna do a Marzia clinic scrub.
It’s more moisturizing, and I think it’s been effective in preventing chubby cheeks. Haha

The Italian “Marzia Clinic” is a…
13 laws of safety, responsible for the safety of the mother and the fetus.
at the same time, it’s a holistic professional product that seeks the best effect.

The drier the skin is, the thinner the skin is.
You have to be extremely careful.
It’s hard to repair later.
You need to apply plenty of cream and oil on your face.

After an hour or so of being in the most comfortable position,
The physical and physical fatigue we’ve been building up so far away!
I didn’t have a good posture.
I couldn’t straighten my 땀땡 back while I was pregnant.
And the muscles that are clumped together
It calms down little by little.

Because of the nature of the spa, it’s always clean.
It’s in operation.
The people who work here, too.
Wash and sterilize hands from time to time.
There’s not a little bit of a drag.

Even if it’s the same program,
The extent of pain or discomfort that an individual feels,
Because they’re different.
According to these circumstances, you can take care of it accordingly.
I always feel like I’m enjoying luxury.

Lastly, I went to the powder room to clean my hair.
The lights are light and the swelling is gone.
I wanted to take selfies, too.
The comb is also stored in disposable packaging.
It felt very hygienic. I loved it.

In the spring, for management purposes,
Besides pregnant women, there are more and more reservations.
Reservations are required here.

Blessed is the gestation period for happier and healthier,
And to spend it beautifully,
I recommend you visit this place.
I’m going to use it after I give birth.^^

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