KIA’s trade can be reevaluated.

“The best attacking partner was Ronaldo.”

“Wales Mafia” Gareth Bale (Tottenham), who is returning to his heyday at his own team Tottenham, confessed his feelings. He had a Q&A session with Tottenham’s Twitch on the 10th (Korea time).

“The best was Ronaldo,” Bale said. We won many championships together. He scored a lot of goals. There’s no doubt about it. Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players of all time.

Bale wore Real Madrid uniforms for seven years from 2013 to last summer. Last September, he was loaned to Tottenham for a season. At Real Madrid, Bale collaborated with Ronaldo to win the European Champions League four times. Bale was strong in big games. Bale conquered Europe with Ronaldo Benzema and the BBC line.

He also expressed his love for Tottenham. “Everyone knows how much I love Tottenham,” he said. I left Madrid to play in the game. I wanted to help the team. I came back to the place that gave me the most love. The decision was too easy. “After coming to Tottenham, I felt at ease, and I was able to focus on soccer.”

Bale, who recently regained his form, has scored six goals and three assists in six recent games. It is operating KBS line with Son Heung-min and Kane.

Bale has to return to his original team Real Madrid once the loan is completed at the end of June. Bale’s contract with Real Madrid is due at the end of June 2022. Recently, there have been reports that Real Madrid and Tottenham will enter new negotiations over Bale.

Bruno Fernandez has refused to renew his contract with Manchester United.

The Sun, a British media outlet, rejected Manchester United’s new long-term contract on the 10th (Korea time). Fernandez said he was demanding a definite plan and vision for Manchester United.

Fernandez, who moved to Manchester United from Sporting in January last year, became the center of the team. He scored 12 goals and 8 assists in 22 games last season, and is also recording 22 goals and 13 assists in 40 games this season. Manchester United’s second-place settlement is also possible thanks to Fernandez. However, Fernandez’s weekly salary is only 100,000 pounds (about 158 million won.

Therefore, Manchester United has proposed doubling Fernandez’s weekly salary. The £200,000 mark is the fifth-largest player on the team, but Fernandez refuses. According to The Sun, Fernandez asked the club’s intention to double its weekly pay and asked for specific plans and visions for the league and European stage.

Last year, three people wearing tiger uniforms in trade are gathering.

Kia also had aggressive trade during the season last year. He handed over Hong Gun-hee to Doosan and received Ryu Ji-hyuk, and gave up Moon Kyung-chan and Park Jung-soo through a 2-2 trade with NC to recruit Jang Hyun-sik and Kim Tae-jin.

However, the trade effect was minimal. The Kia Tigers ended the regular season in sixth place after a fierce battle for the semifinals. Coincidentally, NC and Doosan, who were trading partners, clashed in the Korean Series, making no sense.

The same was true of those who changed their uniforms in trade. Jang Hyun-sik was also heartbroken at first when he watched NC win. I needed time to control my mind. Jang Hyun-sik said, “I didn’t feel good until last year, but I feel the same way over time.”

Now, a new season is coming. Watching his own team enter the Korean Series last year, he used it as an opportunity to renew his determination. The three players who joined KIA in the trade agreed to unite.

Jang Hyun-sik said, “I didn’t want 스포츠중계 to see the teams that left compete and win each other in the Korean Series.” “Now we talked a lot about doing well.”

Jang Hyun-sik is currently sweating to win a spot in the starting lineup. He lost 7kg by increasing his exercise throughout the winter, and focused on the “basic” by reducing unnecessary movements on his pitching form. Jang Hyun-sik, who started in a practice game against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 9th, pitched aggressive pitching with a fast ball of 147 kilometers in maximum restraint and pitched two innings without a run. He also pitched 27 times, which was economical.

In fact, it is not easy to find a high-quality infielder in the league as a pitcher. If Ryu Ji-hyuk and Kim Tae-jin leap forward, KIA’s trade can be reevaluated. Ryu Ji-hyuk struggled with a hamstring injury after joining the Kia Tigers, but is aiming to return this season. It’s time to learn how to play through practice games. Kim Tae-jin, who also had an ankle injury when he joined the trade, is also knocking on the starting position. Their growth is soon a factor that can thicken KIA’s infield.

It hasn’t been a year since the trio of trades wore KIA uniforms. So there is no reason why the evaluation of the trade is urgent. It is the 2021 season when one wonders whether the trade trio, which he used as a stimulus while watching his own team advance to the Korean Series last year, will perform.

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