Naver seems more comfortable to write.

If you’re blogging, you’ve 백링크 probably thought:

When will my blog’s top exposure come true?

Will that day come to me?

Why is my cumulative view count still in tens of thousands?

And why doesn’t the advertisement stick?

It’s a very difficult job.

It is said that these days, people make money through blogs, but it is nonsense.

Then where would be good for blogging?

Currently, Korea’s blog revenue is divided into three major categories.

It is Naver AdPost, Kakao AdFit, and Google AdSense.
If you do Naver blog, AdPost will give you profits, and if you do the next T-story, Google’s AdSense will give you profits.

It may be because Google AdSense approval is difficult, but there is a rumor that the next T-story has recently been transferred to Kakao Ad Fit. So if you do a T-story, it is linked with Kakao Ad Fit. My acquaintance connected me.

You should choose which blog you choose best for you.

One of the most popular words these days is ‘Ad-Gosi’.

Ad-Gosh is a combination of Google’s advertising program and ‘Gosh’.

When advertisers ask Google to advertise, AI (Artificial Intelligence) finds a personal blog that matches the advertisement and posts it.

Bloggers earn advertising fees for posting advertisements on their blogs.

According to Google, more than 2 million people around the world are making profits using AdSense.

In Korea, it is said that it earns between 2 million and 3 million won per month through AdSense, and that it earns about seven times more than Naver’s profits.

I also ran a blog on the next tea story. However, the process of receiving advertisements from Google ‘Adsense’ is very difficult. Writing and editing blogs is also more difficult than Naver.

If you try to edit it in a cooler way, it’s not as neat as Naver.

But I think Naver is better to write and edit it in a good way and feel rewarded. Naver is also convenient for managing neighbors.

It may not be much money, but Naver seems more comfortable to write.​

Naver, Korea’s largest portal site, operates an ad-post system, which is different from Google’s ad-sense.

The reaction to my writing can be found from the reaction or statistics of my neighbors. However, due to my personal reasons, the next T-story doesn’t know that. It’s so hard to find the Subscribe button. People around me say so. (Of course, most of them are early bloggers.) LOL)

Of course, it may be because I have low experience in my T-story blog, but Naver still feels a little better if I want to feel rewarding as I continue to develop my blog.

Bloggers say that the next T-story blog (Ad-Sense) has a better return than Naver Blog (Ad-Post), but Naver seems to be a little better in terms of easy access and convenient editing.

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