I had time to get a full body massage.

As the weather gets colder, you cringe.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting more and more tired.

I started to listen to it.

So at first, stretching was more than usual.

I’ve tried it, and it’s not getting any better.

I’ve come to know the restaurant massage shop.

And I got a recommendation 인천 마사지 from a friend, called The Foot Shop.

I’ve been there, from the location to the facilities.

I’m happy with all the massage.

I’m thinking of going there often.

This is the Star Tower located in Sushi-dong, Ilsan.

It was on the second floor of the building.

Maybe it’s because the building is so big, but there are a variety of stores.

So even if you arrive earlier than the scheduled time,

I wasn’t bored.

You can do many things at once.Boney

It looked like a convenient place.

If you go inside the building, you’ll find The Foot Shop.

I could have found it.

The price, time, and massage are marked externally.

so that you can enter with an estimate of the amount

It’s also good to have it.

If you buy a flat-rate ticket, you become a member.

You can use it at a lower price.

I was able to predict that.

The hours of business were written separately.

Operating from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

It was a place where it was becoming, so after work,

Like a place where there’s no pressure to visit.

I saw it.

If you sometimes have to work overtime, you’ll be late.

I used to cancel it because I was sorry to go.

You can use this place without having to worry about it.

I thought I’d stay.

Because of business hours, a friend of mine has a massage at the dining hall.

I think they recommended this place.

It’s been operated on a reservation basis, so it’s like this.

I was able to use it with confidence in the situation.

Once inside, there’s a hand sanitizer.

I’m just trying to make sure that he’

I could’ve checked.

not crowded with many people

It was a mood, so I could calmly wait.

It was nice to have one.

A guide to the amount during the waiting

I could have gotten it.

As previously expected, becoming a member is more than just a regular subscription.

It was a place where you can manage it at a low price.

And there are different kinds of memberships.

There’s a difference in the amount of money you can get discounted.

You can choose depending on the conditions.

If you can afford a gold membership,

It seemed like a good thing.

In case of charging and using a flat bill,

I was able to use it at a low price.

That’s why I joined the membership.

We have a wake-up event. Until 2 p.m. on weekdays.

Even a 10 percent discount for a visit.

There was an event going on that I could receive.

After deciding what massage to get, I’ll go to the dressing room.

I had to move and change my clothes.

I don’t have to bring it with me. It’s clean.

There’s a massage suit ready for you to worry about.

It seemed unnecessary.

Well, I’m sure some of the diner massage parlors are well-managed.

It looks like it’s working, so I’m relieved.

I was able to change.

Lockers can use things personally.

There was nothing to worry about even if I kept it.

The other good thing was that I was able to get the aroma care.

In such cases, disposable underwear may be separately received.

That’s what I meant.

I can choose the genders of the janitor.

They’re guided, so you can take care of them without any burden.

It looked like it was going to be there.

It’s not going to be easy because you’re just talking to the counter.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I felt at ease because I didn’t.

After I change my clothes, I take a foot bath first.

It takes about 10 minutes.

There’s an open space for foot baths.

It was great that I had nothing to worry about.

And there’s no water at all.

I was able to move safely until I sat down.

When you go to a watery place, you’ll find your own fishy fish.

It smells like it, but this place has that scent, too.

It wasn’t me, so I thought it was being managed well.

I’m tired, even though I just let my feet loose in the warm water.

It felt like it was loosening up.

In a quiet place, I’m just putting my feet in without worrying about anything.

It’s amazing that it’s a diversion.

I thought about it.

Why did I finally find the dining-room massage?

I also heard some regrets.

After about 10 minutes of foot bath, take care of it.

The person who gave it to me guided me to the management office.

The inside is very clean, too.

I’m not worried about cleanliness.

I thought there was nothing to do.

Even if I could get in two, I’d have to go in the middle.

I can play the curtain. Private space.

It’s been made.

Bed looks comfortable, too. Get your care done quickly.

It made me want to.

I had time to get a full body massage.

I’ve never seen a mysterious personally

A little harder on the areas you felt uncomfortable with.

It seemed to put pressure on him.

I felt a little sick at first,

It was refreshing.

You told me to relax when I got tired.

He told me about it, so I’d like to be in a comfortable.

I could have left it to you.

I don’t feel pressured to talk to her.

I felt more satisfied.

So I’ve been able to take care of it satisfactorily.

There was one, but there were complaints from start to finish.

There wasn’t a single one, so I’m going to keep going.

I’m going to try the dining-room massage shop.

I’m thinking about it.

forcing in an unburdened atmosphere

There’s no choice. You can choose what you want.

That was good, too.

That’s why I’ve been surrounded by people lately.

I’m letting my acquaintances know more about this place.

There’s no parking space when you pull the car.

There could be some difficulties in this building.

I could park on the ground for free.

I was able to move comfortably.

So you can stay together or take care of her.

If there are people who feel like they want to, I’m going to do it.

I think you can visit the place you’ve been to!

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