Everyone at work knows that

I’ve been feeling sick for months,

He wanted to take care of his feet, so I took him with me

Gwangju Dong-gu Foot Management Massage Shop Forest Massage !

My usual shoulder is severe, and the muscles leading to my neck, shoulders, and back are so stiff

I went to get a 출장안마 body massage

It’s a place where many people go to get facial contours

I’m in the alley, but I found it hard to go to Nevich

You can go up here

You can ride an elevator and go comfortably
The dressing room and the care room were inside, it was very wide

You’ll find a dim management room after you walk through the dressing room!

I’m even more relaxed because I’m cozy

There was another one with the director, so you could book at the same time

I thought you might like to come with a friend

I’ll change into a ready gown and go to the management room

The dressing room was nice to use without being chased after the management

Aromatherapy, taitherapy, foottherapy

There was also a care program for Korean managers

We just want to get a foot-focused

with posture while massaging or the part which a lot gets together

He told me what stretching is good as usual

Especially, he said that the mitral root has come up too much.

There was a shower room and a dressing room

I couldn’t take a picture because it was in use

Overall, the facility was pretty neat!
Foot care massage shop forest massage

This was a bit of a Southeast Asian look

I liked it when I just went in because I smelled aroma
I went in to change

I thought I’d like to get a full body massage here

The towel is pretty open!

simple Thai terminology on the wall

I thought this little service was very good

This is the space where you get foot massages

We were changed and escorted right here

Even with foot massages, pants should be changed into shorts

He turned the heater on in advance

I was so happy to sit down and the chair was warm

the chair backrest adjustment is possible with this switch

You can sit down and massage in a comfortable manner

He comes with a barrel of hot water

The color is a little purple?

It’s not just water, it’s like you added something

I just dipped my foot

I’m warmer, and I’m not a good person.

It was so good to just soak my feet

Thai officials gave me a massage

I don’t need to tell you, but you’re gonna make me feel better

I felt cool and not sick

I asked my mom, too, and she said it was cool

And my mother, she’s asleep

There’s a thermal sheet in the chair

I can sleep because I get a muscle-free massage

I’ve been around a lot today, so I’ve been tired of my feet

I felt like I was getting loose because you massaged me coolly

The person who gave me the mother’s foot is especially swollen

He gave me a catch and massage

I thought you said you wanted to go to this foot shop a lot,

He asked me if I wanted to come again!

I put on my shoes and went out afterward, but I felt different

Surely I feel lighter feet!

I’m so happy after my mom got it

He said his feet were much lighter and cooler

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