It is located 10 minutes’ walk from Central Park Station.

When I was young, I had a cast on my ankle because I sprained it, but since then, my ankle has weakened, so I used to break it often as I grew up. Maybe that’s why my bones get cold in the winter when the cold wind blows hard. Maybe it’s because my posture is crooked, but when I feel like my back hurts often and my muscles are too much, I went to Incheon to get dry horse every day. I haven’t been able to go often because I’m so busy at work these days, so my whole body is all tight and sore. I’m a person who likes to go around getting a massage and I don’t think it’s loyalty to know this good thing by myself, so I’m here to introduce it to you. ^^ You’ll love it as soon as you get there.

The first place I’d like to introduce to you is Yeseo, a one-person shop located in Cheongna-dong. I’m one of the stores that I’m so satisfied that I only visit Yeseo when I visit the Incheon massage one-person shop, but I think I visit often especially because the store itself is very comfortable comfort.

The atmosphere itself is cozy and 광진건마 comfortable. It makes me feel comfortable. It makes me keep visiting. It’s Yeseo. You’re running Swedish and Romiromi massage, 130,000 won for 70 minutes and 150,000 won for 90 minutes. Director Ye-seo is 25 years old and runs from 2 p.m. to 3 a.m. and is located near 119 Safety Center in Cheongna-dong, so please visit there.

The second Incheon dry shop is The Daisy located in Guwol-dong. I like the fact that the age group is similar because it is composed of young Korean managers, so I visit often. Thanks to the remodeling of the interior, I don’t know how good the facilities are. ^^ When I’m tired or stressed out at work, it’s my pleasure to get refreshed at The Daisy.

It was so refreshing! I could feel less stress when my body was relieved because I was able to concentrate well on my work the next day after I came back from Daisy. And there was a room with air purifier as well as dehumidifier, which made perfect indoor air and humidity control! Membership discounts given to members who fall in love with Gunma, on-site events for one morning reservation per day, and waxing discounts! You are doing emotional Swedish massage, aroma massage, and romeomi massage, which is 110,000 won for 60 minutes and 130,000 won for 90 minutes. Waxing also offers soothing packs as well as scrubs and moisturizing creams! It consists of Korean teachers in their 20s and is open from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m.

The third Incheon dry shop is VIP located in Songdo-dong. It’s really famous for its aroma massage in Incheon. I wonder if it’s just a VIP visit. The interior of the store is so luxurious! The indoor environment is so clean, and the lighting is not too dark or too bright, so there is no eye strain throughout the stay.

The Swedish massage starts at 40 minutes and 80,000 won, and it’s 100,000 won for 60 minutes. All Korean teachers in their 20s and 30s are professional managers who have completed systematic training, so they are very good skills! Business hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. It is located 10 minutes’ walk from Central Park Station, International Business District.

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